The must have casino rentals at your party (take a gamble; we bet it will go down a treat!)  

Planning a party is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a few friends over yours for a catch up, or if you’re trying to put together a corporate event in order to bring your employees closer. – There’s always going to be something to worry about. How many people are going to turn up? Will everyone like the playlist that I’ve put together? Who doesn’t like Indian food? The list goes on.

And the truth is: people are fussy. You’re never going to please everyone. So, the best thing to do is to roll with a relatively accessible idea. For example: hiring an excellent casino party host. Think about it…who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of a good bet? The casino theme requires people to dress up and look sharp. To live life on the edge and to tap into other aspects of their character that they may never get to actualise.

casinoHe who dares, wins

The respectable accountant; The hard-working boss; The mother of three; – There are so many different characters who would thrive on the idea of being able to escape from the mundanity of life, if only for a little while. To live like a king, throwing million-dollar bets on the table: even if it’s just for a bottle of champagne and bragging rights in the office for the next month.

If you want to throw the best party: give your guests something to remember! And what are the must have casino rentals at your party:  roulette, poker and blackjack of course!

It’s not all fun and games

Yes…there is a negative side to a casino themed party. Gambling addiction is a real issue, and it is something that many people struggle with (men in particular). But that’s all the more reason to throw a casino themed party! Not to rub it in their face, but to highlight the fact that it is all about having fun, and not making ends meet. Of course, gambling is not a sustainable way of life. It is dangerous, risk-taking bravado. Which is precisely why it’s so much fun!

casinoCertainly, it might sound careless to take such a nonchalant approach to gambling. But when done for fun, without any real money; it reinforces the fact that gambling isn’t real. And that it should be treated as a fun and social activity that is not for every day. It is not to be taken seriously. It is to be shared and enjoyed with others, at no real detriment to anyone else.

It’s a touchy subject indeed. But we guarantee that you and your guests will have an awful lot of fun! Just because a few people abuse it, it doesn’t mean the rest can’t enjoy it. Be safe, gamble responsibly, but more of all: have fun!