Protecting Your Premises from Unwanted Rodents

Close up of anxious rat trapped and caught in metal cageRats and other rodent pests aren’t just a nuisance, they can be incredibly damaging to your property and potentially lethal. 

They are elusive, gnawing away, hiding deep within the cavities. They’re under the floorboards and in the roofs of our homes (you might well have heard them scratching away)Yet ainfestation can be still hard to confirm. 

 I’ve even seen the signs of infestation in a fifth-floor apartment, both urine, and droppings. You don’t need to find a dead body, you can also look for grease and dirt marks along skirting and floorboards, as well as damage to cables.

Believe it or not, I once saw the entire corner of a carpet chewed away; it was only an escaped hamster.  

Tips from a Rat Control Expert:

Be aware, if one rat is found in a home, then it’s likely that there’s already an infestation! 

You must move quickly before the situation gets much worse, you may be dealing with thousands of individuals. 

 Don’t leave rubbish out which will attract rodents. 

Apart from hygiene issues, other threats such as snakes will follow. Many people get bitten in their own back yards. 

Inadequate rodent control can lead to devastating outcomes.  

Salmonella, rat-bite fever, tapeworm, and Hantaviruses are but of a few of the potential diseases which can be contracted. 

The rat born disease ‘The bubonic plague’ killed over 50 million people in the 14th century Europe lost 60% of its population. 

Rats are resilient and adaptable. 

Hard to locate and hard to kill, preferring to live in hard to get at places. They are amongst the ultimate survivors on this planet. 

Even in clean, sanitized environments pests will find themselves into virtually every nook and cranny 

 Many rodent/pest control companies provide a 2 call out package.

The first visit will comprise of an on-site survey to establish the species and location of the tenant rodents. Upon location, baited traps will be laid.

The second follow up visit will follow 7 to 10 days later, where carcasses will be taken away for disposal by the technicians and more baited traps will be re-laid as a future preventative measure.  

 This service is provided on an on-going, permanent basis for commercial and industrial clients where pests can evolve into a far greater problem.

In the case of smaller invasions, short term packages are available, but the technicians will remove their equipment once the situation has been managed. 

 Whilst you may consider dealing with a rodent problem yourself would be better served to leave yourself in the hands of a specialized and experienced pest control technician who will swiftly deal with the problem.

They will be licensed, qualified and trained to proficiency. They will be adept at using the correct tools and methods of procedure to ensure that you stay pest-free. 

Other issues to consider if you are a rental tenant or living in a shared occupancy building, are your responsibilities and that of your landlord’s too.

Be aware of your rights and the rights and wellbeing of others to have pest issues dealt with immediately. 

You don’t want to end up in legal action with potential compensation issues. This is not to be taken lightly. 

And remember, if you are a property owner, pest infestation can seriously affect the desirability of your property. 

Pest control companies can deal with many kinds of threats, not just mice and rats. They can deal with cockroaches, bee and wasp hives and even reptiles.