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Is It Cheaper to Have A Tree Cut Down in The Winter?

The short answer is arguably yes. However, there are many factors at play that you must consider. Don’t just assume that holding off until winter is going to be the best option so that you can save a bit of money. Think about why you need to have the tree removed? Is it a matter of the tree being dangerous? If that’s the case, leaving the tree to fall into further decay will make the job more difficult and subsequently higher; but not only that, you put yourself and your family at risk in the meantime.

To give you a rough idea as to how much it costs to have a tree removed in Australia, in general: it is approximately $871. That said, this average is taken from the smallest trees, right up to 100 ft giants, so it doesn’t exactly give you an accurate figure.

Most smaller trees will cost around $225, provided there are no complications, such as the tree being difficult to access. Then, larger trees with potentially poor access can be anywhere up to $4500 to remove.

In this article, we are going to talk you through the various factors that will affect the cost of having a tree removed, so that you can determine the best course of action when moving forward.

The Time of Year (is it cheaper to have a tree removed in the winter?)

First things first, let’s look at how the time of year affects the cost of having a tree removed. Naturally, tree care and removal companies tend to be much quieter during the winter months. Thus, prices tend to be lower as there is more competition to secure regular work. In that light, it is possible to negotiate lower prices, but remember, arborists gotta eat as well!


Accessibility plays a big role in the cost of having a tree removed from your property. How easily can the tree removal experts access the tree? Are they going to need an elevated work platform in order to get the task done? The trees that are more difficult to access always cost more to remove, which is understandable given the additional labour and risk factors.


The Height and Size of the Tree

Some trees can grow exceptionally large, with trunks that are several meters thick. These trees will cost a significant amount more to remove and dispose of. However, the smaller trees tend not to be that difficult to remove and are subsequently lower in price for that reason.


Emergency Tree Removal (is more danger involved?)

As mentioned at the beginning, the danger factor involved with a tree’s removal can affect the price. Perhaps the tree has fallen into decay and is a health hazard (the potential risk of branches snapping off and falling at any time); if that’s the case then the price is going to be higher to accommodate the risk involved.


Equipment Required

The equipment required for the tree’s removal will also have an affect on the total cost itself. For example, if the tree is difficult to access, or especially tall, then an elevated work platform is going to be required in order to get the job done properly. There will be additional costs involved in such a case.

The same applies for having the stump grinding and removed after the felling. This requires a large stump grinding machine that requires transportation. Whilst there will be an additional cost involved, having the stumps professionally removed is always a good idea! A) you don’t want to attempt to remove a stump by yourself (these tree stump pulling fails say it all), and B) leaving them in place is an eye-sore and a health hazard.



And that just about sums it up. There are a number of factors that will determine the overall cost of a tree removal service; however, in response to the question: “Is it cheaper to have a tree removed in the winter?” – The winter months are indeed quieter and typically a little cheaper as a result. If you’d like to explore tree removal services further, or have any questions or doubts regarding whether or not your tree is safe for removal, check out a reputable arborists such as A B Trees.