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How to Select the Right Mattress

Whatever your age, finding a mattress which provides you with adequate lumbar support and allows you to get a good night’s sleep should be high on your priority list. Once we reach our retirement years this becomes even more important. Sleep deprivation or being unable to establish a regular sleeping routine will likely cause many consequent health concerns. Also continually feeling exhausted and irritable will not only hamper people’s standard of life but it can also cause tension with partners and family. Beyond this you could well experience aches and pains and cause any existing ailments to deteriorate by not getting the proper back support.

It is highly recommended that when you move into a retirement home you make sure that the quality of mattresses is going to be sufficient to keep yourselves or your loved ones comfortable and properly supported. But what exactly should be looking for when selecting a mattress suitable for those retirement years? If you are going to purchase one for yourself or you are a friend or relative buying one on behalf of somebody else, you should consider the following.

Buy Your Mattress in Person

Except in cases where it is completely unfeasible, you need to always try a bed out before you buy it. You need to go along to a store or showroom yourself or have somebody else take you to try out certain things before purchasing due to variations in things such as height, firmness and comfort. These factors will not be able to be determined unless you go and test drive it beforehand. Obviously, this will not be possible in all situations but whenever possible it is very important.

Many people have slept on the same bed for years and have become used to what they sleep on now although it may not actually be ideal for them. Therefore, you should not trust having always slept on a firm bed, it should still be tried out in person and at least then you will be able to compare. To aid the process, aim to visit stores outside of the busier hours to enable more time to spent lying on the mattress as you should look to do so for at least 5 minutes to get a real feel for it. This will also grant you more time to spend discussing the details with the in-store staff.

Height & Accessibility

One factor which often gets overlooked is whether the mattress will be suitable to get in and out of comfortably. You could end up purchasing what seems to be the perfect mattress which is simply too high to get in and out of. Often you will be able to find mattresses which are lower to accommodate easier access. Bear in mind you will need to consider not just the present but also the future before buying a mattress.

Whilst a person might be able to get in and out of the bed now is it going to potentially become a problem? Be over cautious and find a mattress which is not too high and will allow excess strain to be avoided. As well as the height you should consider the bed size. If sharing, it is helpful to buy a larger mattress so there is more sleeping space and less chance of disturbing one another particularly when there is a chance of sleeping lightly.

The Mattress Type

There is no definitive answer when it comes to selecting the type of mattress. Both innerspring mattress and foam mattresses have their pros and cons. You should spend time discussing in detail the differences between the two to get a detailed understanding but broadly speaking the differences cannot be simply defined by type.

Foam mattresses, for example, can range from upper-end memory foam which can become very expensive to very thin cheap ones only suitable as temporary or day beds. On the other side, innerspring mattresses can sometimes not allow people’s bodies to conform to the mattress and cause further aches and pains as the weight is not distributed evenly.

There are also many hybrid mattresses which combine the properties of both types so the possibilities are endless.  Again, this represents the importance of trying before you buy and never discount a mattress solely due to the type it is.