How to Determine Whether or Not You Have a Leak Inside Your Home 

Are you currently standing knee deep in smelly, brown water? If yes, then you have a leak. If no, then you could possibly have a leak, only it’s not half as bad…yet. The trouble is that many leaks can go undetected for quite some time, particularly when they start off small. But, how can you possibly spot them if they’re hidden and discreet? How can you nip it in the bud before it gets any worse and causes terrible damage to your home? In this article we’re going to take you through a few steps that you can follow to give you an idea.

emergency service Do You Have Your Suspicions?

9 times out of 10, when somebody suspects that they have a leak, they have a leak. That statistic isn’t accurate by the way, but it’s certainly the case most of the time. It could be the fact that you’ve been paying more for your water the last few months and you don’t know why. Perhaps you’ve been showering the same amount, and running the tap no more than usual, – if your bills have shot up noticeably, then it could be due to a leak. Then on the other hand, you might notice that your taps or the shower aren’t running with quite as much pressure as they used to. These are some tell-tale signs that you’ve likely got a leak.

Check the Water Meter

Right, one of the most effective ways of checking if you do indeed have a leak, is by ensuring all of the faucets are turned off inside and outside your home. Once you’ve done that, go and take a look at the water meter. If you have a reasonably big leak you should see the water meter moving. If you can’t really notice whether or not it is, take a reading and then come back to it in 10-15 mins or so to confirm. During that time, if there is a leak, your meter will have moved a little bit.

Run Some Basic Checks


If its confirmed and you’re confident that you do have a leak, it might be worth doing a few routine checks before going ahead and calling for a plumber. Take a look under the sink for example and have a feel around. It could be that you simply need to tighten the pipes a little bit and it would be a terrible waste having to call out a plumber for something as simple and menial as that.

The odds are however that this leak is going to be somewhere out of sight, so you’re more than likely going to have to call for some help. Get on to a reputable and reliable firm such as EZE-Flow Plumbing. Most plumbing companies worth their salt will have a 24-hour emergency service as well, so if you detect quite a large leak and you’re worried that it might get worse, get in touch with them ASAP. Hopefully though, you’ll run these checks and you don’t have a leak! In which case, give your water supplier a call, because they might have just upped your payments for another reason.