How to Choose a Headstone Inscription

single grave stone cut out (Clipping path)The loss of a loved one is one of the most traumatic things anybody ever experiences in life.

Amongst all of the things which need doing after somebody dies is deciding on what you want to do with their headstone. This is such an important thing to do the way you want as whenever visiting somebody’s grave it will be there for anyone to see and its appearance needs to be a very personal thing.

Nobody wants their loved one’s headstone to look uniform and you will want to be incorporating personal preferences into it as well as representing the recently departed. As there are so many things to deal with after somebody passes away here are a few things to consider to try to ease the process in what is obviously a very difficult time. 

Don’t Rush 

Don’t feel forced into doing something due to time restraints or pressure from other people. In a situation like this, you should take your time to decide exactly what you want, what you can afford and where you wish to get it done.

If you rush this task through you might regret it later down the line and, as stated before, the headstone will be what you see when visiting the departed at the cemetery so take the time to make it just as you want it to be. 

Make It Distinct 

You will want to make the headstone as individual as possible. One way of doing this is by making it different. There are plenty of headstones which repeat the same set phrases or use the same materials and colour schemes and this can make the headstone lose its personal touch.

Look at different things other people have done or even just go with exactly what you want regardless of the fact you’ve never seen it before.

Who cares? It’s yours to do with as you wish. Don’t feel like you should follow the norm and put yourself and your loved one’s personality into it. 

Sometimes Less Is More 

Whilst it can be very tempting to pack as much information into the description detailing many of the things of the deceased person’s life if you put too much in it can lose its impact and look a bit messy.

Sometimes less is more. The people visiting the headstone will know most of these things anyway so just put the key messages or facts which you think are most pertinent.

The same goes for decorative parts, colours, and designs. If it is too much you run the risk of the stone looking cluttered or even tacky. 

Look at other examples to see what you think looks good and take ideas from them. One way you can add more text is with separate memorial plaques so if you do want to say more without cluttering the stone face itself consider one of these. 

Find an Experienced Craftsman 

Research the company you are considering using for the headstone. The last thing you want is to end up with a cheap and poorly made headstone because this can add to the distress you are going through.

Not only this, but you will feel like you have wasted your money on something very dear to you. Look for crafters with years of experience within the trade so you can feel reassured that the work undertaken will be of a fine standard.