How to Anger Your Restaurant’s Health Inspector 


Running a restaurant is not easy, it might be one of the most difficult business to operate if not THE most difficult. There are many things to consider before opening one. The taste of the food being served is very important, but that is not the only thing. The location of where the restaurant is and atmosphere are also very important. 

There are also a lot of regulations to follow if you have a restaurant. Cleanliness tops the list of a health inspector that drops by regularly to make sure things are in tip top shape. The goal of course is to either bore or impress the guy. So for the restaurant’s sake, keep in mind these things you might be doing that will definitely ensure you getting on your inspector’s bad side:

1. Making sure the kitchen LOOKS clean instead of it actually BEING clean
If it’s only getting cleaned for the sake of aesthetics, the experienced health inspector will spot this almost right away as soon as he starts his thorough check.

2. Disregarding the tiny details
It’s very easy to ignore the little things when you’re looking at the bigger ‘clean kitchen’ picture. But to get a pass from the keen and professional’s eyes, it’s imperative to ensure even the tiniest utensil is 100% clean.

3. Neglecting the status of the restaurant’s fridge
If food isn’t rotated or stored properly it can lead to non-fresh food being served and this is an absolute no-no. Proper containers also doesn’t mean just anything with a lid so always check the industry standards to make sure you’re using products that are FDA approved.

4. Keeping the wrong temperature
This can promote a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can contaminate the food. Refrigerators should be maintained at 40° F and 0° F for Freezers to avoid any bacterial growth.

5. Not paying attention to the restrooms
Just because the health inspector will mainly be checking the kitchen, it doesn’t mean he won’t take a peek at your toilets. The customers do frequent this area too after all. Make sure it’s spick and span.


6. Storing cleaning products together with or close to any food
Chemicals from these products may cause contamination and may lead to customers being ill. Ensure there is proper storage area to keep the cleaning equipment and products. 

7. Having pests and parasites in the vicinity
With the constant presence of food it’s quite easy to attract pests like ants, cockroaches and mice to the restaurant. Seek help from companies like Expert Pest Control and avail of their commercial pest control services to easily and efficiently get rid of this problem. 


Always bear in mind that even though the main purpose of the restaurant is to make money from the delicious dishes on the menu, the quality and credibility of the food served to the patrons is of utmostpriority. Thus, this requires keeping the restaurant clean and healthy to not only to impress the health inspector when he visits but ultimately to get him to certify and vouch for the restaurants awesome ratings. After all, not having anyone complain or sue you for damages from the food can mean savings and keeping your reputation intact.