Great Ideas for the Hippy Home

Do you like to relax in the tub while listening to blue whales squawking to one another?  I do. How about sitting legs crossed in the lotus position while meditating to Buddhist monks chanting? Love it! Well, if so, you’re obviously in touch with your internal hippy, and as such you may be interested in some of the latest relaxation accessories to hit the bohemian marketplace.


Take a look at some of these little beauties. All guaranteed to de-stress after a hard day at the veggie burger van.

Himalayan Rock Salt lamp – Hewn from deep within the Himalayan mountain range these beautiful and otherworldly ancient salt rocks make an unusual and interesting shade for a house lamp. The lighting effect is truly magical, and there has been a huge increase in demand for this sustainable, organic, and inexpensive material.

The attraction doesn’t just rest with it’s oddly appealing look though. There is belief amongst many owners that the lamp has positive effects on a home. Speculation that the lamp de-ionized  air and removes contaminants like dust, pollen, and cigarette smoke, by attracting water molecules in the atmosphere, are purely speculation,but there is a growing number of people convinced that some form of positive energy emanates from the light which passes through the rock. Users say the rock will become soiled after several months use as pollutants begin forming on the outer casing of the rock. Cleaning once a month is recommended to prevent the land becoming dim due to soiling.



Soy Wax Candles – We all like a candle or two to help us relax but the inconvenient truth is traditional paraffin wax candles are not as nicey-nicey as we always thought. There are levels of carcinogenic materials given off into the atmosphere with paraffin which are not found in soy candles. Also, soy burns at a much slower speed prolonging the life of the candle for up to 50% longer than paraffin. More and more retailers in Australia are offering soy alternatives and there are a number of specialists like Black Milk Candles who have an extensive range of scented and unscented soy and beeswax alternatives.

Thai Bath Bombs – When talking to the whales it great to relax in scented, therapeutic bath water. Thai bath bombs are an increasingly popular mix of salts, botanicals, and ancient Thai medicines which promise to soften skin, easy joints, and invigorate the mind. Lemongrass, fennel, menthol, lavender, and rosemary and just a few of the ingredients you might find. Not to mention pandan, rosehip, and ginger.

There you have it. The three best solutions to your hippy needs. Add them to your daily life and reap the rewards of a relaxing, spiritually enhanced existence. Your home should be a sacred space and sometimes we need little reminders to help us along on our hippy adventure. These three little gems are sure to do just that.