Getting Back in the Good Books

So, you’re in the dog house again. Join the club. None of us are perfect and there will always be times when we say or do something we know we shouldn’t have. A forgotten anniversary, an off-colour remark about the mother-in-law, a vacant gaze when a tender reply was expected.

No fear, there are ways and means to rectify these minor discrepancies. We may get the silent treatment for a few hours or days, but there is an array of clever little tools which can be utilised to get things back on track.

Let’s take a look at some of the classic I’m-sorry-babe tactics which every man should turn to when things aren’t too rosy with the other half:

Send Her Flowers – I’m not saying that delivering flowers in person isn’t a smart-cookie thing to do, but having them delivered, and having an attached mushy note, can add a little bit of panache to the proceedings. Girls, and boys, love the drama of a “special delivery” for that “special lady”. Also, if you haven’t gauged the situation well, it means you can avoid the rather humiliating scene of being slapped around the head with a bunch of daffodils. No, best let the delivery man deal with that one.    

Send Her a Singagram – Risky, but if you pull it off you’ll be in the good books for a while. This one takes a bit of planning. Remember nothing naughty and nothing too comical. You’re not trying to make her laugh, your trying to make her like you again. Also, the song has to be spot on. Just because you like Death Metal doesn’t mean it transfers well to a doorstep singagram. Keep in sweet – my suggestion is a bit of Lionel Richie or Robbie Williams, sickly sweet mush.


Send Her Chocolates – Good idea, and can be added to flowers for a double whammy. However, if the reason for your exile has anything remotely to do with an off-colour remark regarding weight, waistlines, bingo arms, elephant legs, Chinese telephone directories, etc, them stay away from the choccies. Conversely, and I doubt anyone would do this, don’t sent anything remotely low fat or salad-like. This would just reinforce the original error. Best to stay away from consumables altogether in this circumstance.


Send Her Wine – Could be a winner, but if there are deep emotional issues wine can be fuel to a fire. Maybe best not to buy her anything too strong. And put a bit of thought into it even if you don’t drink wine. Nothing cheap and nasty. This is your “special lady” remember. A nice Chianti or Merlot. Hopefully, if all goes well, you’ll get to drink half of it anyway.


Send Her a Card – Easy!  A card will always hit its target. And if you really are struggling to find the words, or if you simply gag at the thought of writing mushy sentimental prose, a card can do it all for you. Love you forever my darling hunny-bunny, kiss kiss – not easy for a lot of guys to put that down on paper, but luckily there are companies like Thankly Gifts who can do it for you. Job done!