Awesome Skills That May Help Get You An Interview

With our now fast-paced and demanding career environment, job-hunters are experiencing harder and harder times. It has become so competitive that keeping current jobs is now such a mission let alone landing the chance for an interview. So, it is important to recognise which of these basic skills are the ones you already have and the skills that you still need to develop before applying for your first job. 


  1. Communication skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are important in any jobs. Reading comprehension, grammar, writing, presentation and confidence in speaking to people (face-to-face or over the phone) are regarded highly by employers, as well as listening, asking questions and sharing information. If English is used for communicating on the job and English is not your first language, then taking online courses and practicing with native speakers could improve English skills.
  2. Computer skills. Nowadays, basic computer skills are required for almost every job. You need to be proficient with word processing and spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. If you are not familiar with Excel, you could learn to use Microsoft Excel with a course offered online, like the one from Trainers Direct. Other computer technology skills expected relate to software and hardware and the ability to send emails.

    computer skill

  3. Leadership & management skills. If you have you taken a leadership role in school or on a sports team or if you have had experience managing a project, then you would have these skills. Leadership is a very important skill in an organization and your ability to lead a team or move a project forward will help you go further in your career. If you lack these skills, you could enroll in business and management courses.
  4. Organizational skills. These skills involve the management of time and resources. A job applicant with good organizational skills should be able to juggle multiple complicated work assignments within tight deadlines and make everything run smoothly.
  5. Critical thinking/Problem-solving skills. These skills are highly sought after by employers. There are often several ways to complete a project or assignment and the employee must weigh all factors and determine the optimal solution. You could develop your problem-solving ability by taking online math courses. Taking analytics courses or an introductory computer programming course will also improve your critical thinking skills.
  6. Great attitude/Self-motivational skills. Employers want to hire people who are confident and feel good about themselves; who show interest, initiative and effort; are friendly and add to a welcoming work environment; are self-motivated; and have a “can do” attitude and a positive outlook.  

There are other skills that will boost your employability but these are the top six that employers absolutely look for from job applicants. If you want to get that interview, you need to have these basic skills. It’s always the best practice to do a self-assessment on your skills so you can learn where you can improve on.